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Develop Forum 2022

Develop Forum 2022 was a great success 🏆

I cannot thank enough all of the students who attended the sessions throuhout the day, who interacted during the presenations and who took one of our business cards!

We also thank the Lycée Jacques Prévert for receiving me, and helping me with the organisation of the event.

More than 200 students attended one of the interactive sessions, either in 🇫🇷 or in 🇬🇧, and had the opportunity to discover the my school and professional career, whilst learning a bit more about ABCreatio.

You can discover one of the interactive experiments here:

Happy new year 2023!

Good wishes to all of you and your loved ones!

ABCreatio is back after its end of year break, and with some important projects for 2023!

To learn more and potentially invest in those projects, please contact us at

Thank you for your support with your shares and likes, we are still counting on you in 2023!

Meet the Founder

Alex is the founder of ABCreatio.

After getting their French Baccalaureate, they moved to England to continue their studies.

During the first Lockdown, whilst they were 19, that they had the idea to create ABCreatio. This investment didn’t divert them from their studies or from their role as a Student Representative, for which they have been awarded.

Over the last year, they worked on a Dating app which differs from what the current market has to offer. We will talk about it soon, so follow us!

The beginning of ABCreatio

ABCreatio’s idea was imagined during the first COVID lockdown, and was officialised on August 16th, 2022.

It was developed while the founder, who we will talk about more in the next post, was studying at University.

Today, ABCreatio offers different services such as App development, Website creations, Consulting as well as PowerPoint and Keynote presentation making.

Our dynamic, smiling and listening professional team will be pleased to help you in your project or in your tech needs.

A black and white picture of Her Majesty Elizabeth II

Farewell, Your Majesty!

We were deeply saddened to learn about Her Majesty Elizabeth II’s death yesterday (September 8th, 2022).

Our thoughts are with the Royal Family, and we hope that Her Majesty found peace in her rest!

She was an inspiration for ABCreatio, being the powerful and cheerful leader who served the United Kingdom for 70 years.

She will be greatly missed, across ABCreatio, across the United Kingdom, across the Commonwealth, and across the world.

What a month! – August 2022

What a month!

Here’s what we’ve been up to at ABCreatio during August 2022!

✅ Registered ABCreatio with Company Houses, finally making it official!

✅ Worked on client’s projects such as Seiton Espace By A!

✅ Opened new social medias account for people to reach us, such as our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

✅ Ordered a Revolut Reader to take payments in-person, for customers who wishes so.

✅ Integrated online payments on the website!

Let’s catch up next month for another round of exciting news!