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We cannot thank you enough that you are considering investing in ABCreatio! Here is a quick guide to investing with our company:

Invest in one of ABCreatio’s shares and buy a part of ABCreatio!

At the time, the only types of shares sold are Ordinary shares. For every ordinary shares owned, you are granted a voting right in the company’s decisions which are decided by shareholders referendum.

You will receive a share certificate via post (or via In-Person delivery for selected locations), which will confirm your share acquisition!

Join our Shareholders’s newsletter!

When you buy a share, you will automatically be enrolled in the Shareholder’s newsletter! You will therefore receive exclusive news, reports, and be able to vote via email on some of the company’s decisions!

You can of course unsubscribe at any time (even when ordering the shares, by placing it in the order’s notes)!

Participate actively in the development of ABCreatio!

We cannot stress enough how shares can help the company grows! Not only does it allows us to have an outside view for certain decisions, with your help, it also supports us financially and allows us to spend more time working on ABCreatio’s future apps, such as Aphrodite!

As a new company focussed on software development, shareholders are the lifebreath of the company, shaping in an active way whether the company will be able to sustain and release their products, or whether it will fail!

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